CERTIFIED English-Spanish-Catalan Translator & Proofreader

Invest your time and money in texts you can be proud of. Work with a reliable full-time translator, a native Spanish speaker, who understands your briefs, always delivers high quality, and is always on time.

I offer:

- translations between English, Spanish, and Catalan
- knowledge in writing and proofreading
- punctual delivery of my work
- respect for your privacy

What can you expect of my translations?

- No word–for-word adoption of the original text, but a quality translation that makes sense to your reader and that captures your reader!
- Your reader will think that he/she is reading the original text, no hint of translation.
- Consideration of details that may be present in the original text.
- Adoption of form of expression depending on the original text's genre.
- Immaculate Spanish grammar and orthography.
- Researching content if necessary.

Just a short info about me if you are still with me:

- I love reading all kinds of books and genres (classics included).
- I am currently studying a Master's degree in medical translation.

To order my services, please click the following link:

You will get a top notch English to Spanish translation | Upwork

My freelancer profile:

Diana C. - CERTIFIED English to Spanish Translator and Proofreader - Upwork Freelancer from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

That is enough for now, I think. If you still feel like you want to find out more about me and my work, please check my portfolio! I would love to hear about your projects and how I can help you reaching your goals!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are in this world!

Best regards,

Diana Casòliba

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